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When the story is prompted, the text color is not white, rather it is a dark shade of grey. What can I do?

This problem occurs when you copy and paste the text from the internet, in editor form select all the text and change the font color to black.

Can I customize the text size at which teleprompter starts automatically?

Yes, Go to Configure Setting .exe in Comcon folder then select the font size you want to prompt automatically, and then click on Update.

The text is prompted on the teleprompter, but I can’t see it on the operator screen?

Check or enable the TP Preview button from the software.

Troubleshooting Hand Control Issues?

Check the serial port of the system.
Check the USB port of the system.
Check the power adapter for serial hand controller.

Troubleshooting Foot Control Issues?

Check the serial port of the system.
Check the USB port of the system.
Check the power adapter for serial foot controller.

What is the default username and password for Samvad Teleprompter Software?

The default username is Demo and default password is Demo in Samvad Teleprompter Software

How to play the imported files?

Play button is given in Software so by clicking on it you can play the imported files or you can also play the imported files by using Controller

What to do if Software is giving any irrelevant message?

Take a screenshot of it and mail to us or you can directly call to the Samvad Support Engineer.

How to get the duplicate key if I lost the permanent key?

Duplicated Key is provided by Samvad only. For more details feel free to contact us at samvadsupport@comconservices.com

Is Samvad dongle necessary to run the software?

Yes, Samvad dongle is necessary to run the software.

What if I lost the dongle?

You have to re-purchase the dongle.

What are Balancing weights? And do I need them?

Balancing weights are used to help balance rotating components or machinery. If not balanced properly, rotating components exhibit unbalanced centrifugal forces. In turn, this causes noise, wear, vibration, and premature component failure.
Our products are well manufactured so you don’t need balancing weights.

What are tally lights?

In a television studio, a tally light is a small signal-lamp on a professional video camera or monitor.

Is it possible to run same script on two teleprompter hoods? If yes, How?

Yes, it is possible to run same script on two teleprompter hoods through VGA Splitter

What to do if Text is not scrolling smoothly?

-Check your C Drive, it must have minimum space.
-If the above mentioned point is not working check your RAM consumption.
-Otherwise contact us at samvadsupport@comconservices.com

What should I do if visibility of the text is very light?

-Increase your monitor brightness.
-If above point is not working try to change the font color and background color, i.e; if background color is dark then opt for light font color and vice-versa.

What to do if it is asking for a key?

- Export the key and mail to us. Then we will provide you the licensed key.
Refer to Installation section in FAQ.

How to get a backup monitor?

You can buy any available shelf monitor from the market.

What if my teleprompter glass is broken?

You need to send it for repairing to our mentioned address and it will have it’s own service charges.

What if my hand-controller is not working?

Refer to Troubleshooting Section in FAQ.