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Setting up the Teleprompter

Before setting up the teleprompter, we should keep in mind that the correct and authentic setting of a teleprompter will led us to a continuous and stuck free video shoot which should be the best end result. So, it is very important to set a teleprompter in a sequence way which will make a complete and forever fit setup. Following are points which we ensure you, will help you setting up the teleprompter.

Centering the Camera lens:

First, it is important to centre the camera lens on the back of teleprompter glass/hood and make sure that teleprompter glass is not touching the camera lens. Secondly, this can be done by adjusting the height of the hood up or down. You can also adjust the camera lens like adjusting the height of the camera mounting plate; you can bend or lift the camera mounting plate to raise the camera up or down to balance it with the teleprompter glass. You have to set one thing also that if the camera is not tightly adjusted over the fluid head. This can cause a lose fit and the result will be “a moving camera all the time” when you are moving the tripod. This can be interruption for the video shoot. To fit the camera perfectly over the fluid head, you can set the camera mounting plate just by sliding it forward or backward and towards or away from the teleprompter glass. You should ensure that, you are setting it in one or hardly two attempts. Attempting many more chances can cause gadget malfunction.

Centering the Monitor:

Next is that, make sure that you are carefully positioning the monitor over the teleprompter. Centering the monitor is very important because this makes the straight reflection from the monitor to the presenter’s eyes. So that he/she can easily read the story prompting on the teleprompter. Considering this fact, you should ensure that you are setting exactly the same. This will ensure the comfort of the presenter while he is reading the text on the teleprompter.

Centering the teleprompter and camera over the fluid head

Here comes the job only to maintain the wholesome weight of all the parts of the teleprompter, be it camera lens, hood, camera mounting plate, monitor, and fluid head. Make all of them as set as they can be equally balanced in the context of weight and should not be moving. The whole weight should be moved towards fluid head from the front of the teleprompter. The weight of the camera should be parallel to the weight of the teleprompter, both should balance each other. In our teleprompter, this is achieved by sliding the tripod mounting plate backward/forward on the teleprompter till the entire teleprompter is weight balanced on the fluid head.

Scrolling at its best:

After setting the teleprompter, the turn comes to operate the story using different controllers provided with the teleprompter. During the speech, there are two displays provided, one for presenter and one for operator. Now the work is only the coordination between operator and presenter for the smooth run of the shoot. Here, the job of the operator extends, he has to understand the speaking pace, recognizing gestures of the presenter; so that he can be familiar with the speaking habit of presenter and can operate accordingly. The operator should be in a continuous process of listening to the presenter, so he can recognize if any mistakes has been done and can immediately inform the presenter. This way both can manage and understand each other and the speaking pace and operating pace can be matched with each other.

Maintenance of a teleprompter:

Ensuring the teleprompter must be in good condition is very essential for its easy-to-use always. And this can be done by regular checking of its glass, if we don’t look after it, after a certain time, this can cause a dusty glass and might have lost its reflective coating. All teleprompter glass should be cleaned carefully. To clean the glass, it should be preferable, if we use liquid sanitary than a solid soap. If you use the standard glass cleaning product, the reflective coat will be removed from the glass and it will need replacing.

Have a Smooth Video Shoot:

Ensuring all above steps to set a teleprompter will make combined equipment which will lead a good and hustle free experience when you are shooting or reporting, because setting the teleprompter before shoot is the base and key to end a smooth running shoot. For an authentic and useful video shoot, each and every aspect for setting up the teleprompter is important.