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Types of Teleprompter

While purchasing a teleprompter, there are a lot of factors such as cost, performance, quality, features, etc. which contribute in deciding what kind of teleprompter one desire to purchase. But the most important is to know the application of the Teleprompter and then knowing the types of Teleprompters available in the market.

The various sectors in which the Teleprompters are used:

News rooms: Be it a small news channel or a big one, almost every video production require a teleprompter. The news anchors and readers cannot speak with such confidence and accuracy without Teleprompter. News productions, debate shows, interviews, anchoring, etc. all require the use of Teleprompters. The Teleprompters with most advanced features are used in news rooms.

Corporate: The Teleprompters are not limited to news rooms only. They have been very productive in corporate sector for making user manuals, delivering video messages and for presentations etc.

Media training Institutes: The practical knowledge of the teleprompter is instrumental to provide media students. The practical knowledge give better approach and live new room experience.

E-learning: The teleprompter have broadened its scope with e-learning. The teacher use teleprompter to deliver lectures to the students with precision.

The types of teleprompter available in the market are mainly presidential, camera mounted and floor/stand mounted.

Presidential Teleprompters: In Presidential Teleprompters, a clear glass mirror is mounted at the end of a thin pole and generally it comes in pairs for left and right navigation in order to address the whole audience. A person at the backstage controls all the activities over the Teleprompter. Presidential Teleprompters are widely used for public events.


Camera Mounted Teleprompters: The camera is mounted behind the glass hood and the speaker prompts the script whilst looking at the camera. The TP gives an illusion that the presenter is looking directly to the camera. These Teleprompters are used for video production and are used almost in every sector be it for corporate, education, e-learning or any other.

Floor or stand Teleprompters: These Teleprompters are similar to Presidential Teleprompters, the only difference is that these are flexible to be put at an angle over the floor, mounted on the stand or hung at the back of the room. These Teleprompters are used in auditoriums where the audience is large in number.