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We have been communicating with each other since ages. But how many of us actually know how to communicate so efficiently that the receiver gets the intended message clearly. One method to connect well with the public is through a teleprompter. A teleprompter is a device that prompts the text while the speaker delivers it with such spontaneity that the audience develops an impression that the latter is speaking his mind. Let us discuss the points over how to use the teleprompter in an effective manner.

How to use a Teleprompter?

1.Prepare your script effectively:-
The speech you are going to prepare should not only be well written but well versed. The language should be continuous and maintain a smooth flow. The tone of the script should be catchy and language should be clear. Not too much vocabulary should be used. The script should grab the attention of the audience. Always adjust the word count with the time of delivering the speech.

2.Practice the script well:-
Rehearse the script until you are fully confident about it and ready to deliver in front of the public without hesitation. It would be good if you practice out loud that would be easy to find out our mistakes in the script too.

3.Use non verbal communication:-
Unintentionally or intentionally, we use many non verbal means of communication. These constitute body language, hand movements and gestures. 80 percent of our communication is non verbal, so it is very necessary to use the movements properly that take out the best of our personality.

4.Maintain direct eye contact with the audience:-
The basic advantage of the teleprompter is that you don’t have to look for the script in the paper, it is assembled at a place that makes direct contact with the camera so that the audience gets an illusion that you are expressing your ideas or thoughts without any assistance and this would concrete trust upon the speaker among the audience.

5.Adjust the speed of teleprompter with yours:
With the teleprompter hardware and software, accessories also available in the market like hand control, foot control, android control and joystick. One can adjust the speed of the script according to what the speaker feels comfortable with.

6.Use your brains too:
Sometimes when you are going on with your script, you might come up with something interesting or instrumental which you might have forgotten to include in the script, so don’t be afraid to speak about that. The worst case scenario would be that you might have misled from the written script and feel like you are lost but at that times don’t stop, continue with whatever comes in your mind.

The teleprompter have built up good orators over the times. Due to Teleprompters, the speakers look more confident and present a pleasing personality before the audience. Thus, effective use of teleprompter can make you a star at public speaking, if used properly.