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Which Font do you support?

All the Unicode and True type Fonts are supported in Samvad. You can use multiple fonts in the same script. Font changeover is same as in MS Word and other popular word processor softwares. If you have any particular font that you wish to use, feel free to contact us at samvadsupport@comconservices.com. We will be happy to test your font.

Is your teleprompter Sun-light readable?

Legibility of a teleprompter depends on ambient light and monitor brightness. For Indoor use, around 300 nits is sufficient, and most of our prompters ship with 300 nits monitors by default. For out door use, high brightness monitors are preffered, although no Monitor can be as bright as the sun. So even if teleprompter with high brightness monitor is kept right opposite the sun, they might not be readable.
Samvad teleprompters can be purchased with high brightness monitors as an add on. We have upto 1000 nits brightness monitors.

Do you have a office here?

Our product is software driven, hence our location doesn't effect the support we provide. We provide Online support.

Can we run same Teleprompter Software on different systems and (or) on different monitors?

Yes, you can run same Samvad Teleprompter Software on different machines but then you will need to remove the dongle from the current system and need to insert and install in the system in which you want to work.

Do you provide any Demo Version Software and if yes, what will be the duration(s)?

Yes, we provide Demo version software on Request but only for 15 days.

Where is the Product manufactured i.e; is it Indigenous or Imported?

Samvad is an Indian Brand, following the make in India motto.

What’s the size of the device (Screen or Monitor Size)?

Different size of the devices are available such as 14, 15, 17 and 19 inches.

Software purchased is Forever or the customer need to pay annually?

Software that you will buy will have only 1 time payment. You don’t have to pay for it annually. It has a dongle key, as long as you have the dongle, you can use the software. Updates in software are charged though.

How Samvad Teleprompter different from other available teleprompter in the market?

• Our product is cost- effective in comparison to International brands without compromising the Quality.
• Our product is Software-based rather than other locally available Teleprompters which are Hardware based and have specialized monitors whose product price and maintenance charges are high and reliability is less.
• We provide you the complete solution i.e; software and hardware both and there compatibility level is very high.
• We are available as support team for our customers 24*7.

Is Samvad Software compatible with Mac Operating System?

Currently No.
Samvad Software is only windows compatible but we are working on Mac too. For more details contact us at samvadsupport@comconservices.com

What other things will be required to install to work Samvad Software effectively and efficiently?

Samvad will provide you a CD which will contain all the necessary things to install and other then that no other software installation is required.

Is your Samvad Software MOS compliant and if yes, in which NRCS integration it is tested for?

Yes, Samvad Software is MOS compliant.
Samvad MOS has been successfully tested for integartion with
• iNews NRCS combined
• Karthavya Blaze NRCS
• Etere NRCS
• SI Media NRCS

Do you provide installation?

Yes, we provide installation. Remote installation is free of cost. On-site installation is charged depending on client location. For further details contact us at samvadsupport@comconservices.com

Do I need any driver(s) to use controllers?

All the required drivers are provided with the controllers.
NOTE: If you purchase serial controllers i.e; hand and foot control and instead of connecting it directly, you are connecting it via Serial to USB Converter cable then in some systems there would be a need to install drivers which are already provided with Serial to USB Cable or you can directly install or Update it from Internet.

What else will be provided with the teleprompter?

With Teleprompter you’ll be provided with: • Software CD
• Dongle
• Camera Riser Plate: 3 sizes
• VGA Cable
• Power Cable
• Graphics Card
• Tool Kit (Screw Driver, Spanner, Wrench, Nut Bolts, etc.)

Do we need to buy controllers separately?

Yes, you need to buy controllers separately.

Product price related question(s).

We provide different types of Prompting software according to Client requirement, and those features will actually define the price of our product.

Support & Service Related Queries.

One year service is free of cost and after that you need to purchase AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges). For more queries contact us at samvadsupport@comconservices.com

Can I buy prompter without monitor?

No, you can’t buy prompter without monitor.

What's the warranty period?

Only 1 year warranty is provided.

What is the return policy of your product?

There is no return and no refund policy.